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Bilateral Ovarian Cysts

Bilateral Ovarian Cyst

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Bilateral Ovarian Cysts are cysts found in both ovaries. Bilateral Ovarian Cysts are small fluid filled sacs that develop on the ovaries.

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No one wants to hear that they have bilateral ovarian cysts because many women believe that surgery is the only way available to relieve their bodies of the pain and discomfort from these cysts.

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No woman wants to hear that removing both ovaries is the only ovarian cyst treatment available. Another option is hormonal treatment such as prescribing birth control pills. These can cause various side effects and may not necessarily relieve the pain and symptoms.

Ovarian Cysts have many symptoms with may include:
Spotting between periods
Aching and abdominal cramping
Pain during sex
Irregular periods and heavy flow

The majority of these cysts develop because of a small alteration in the function of the ovaries. This alteration is usually caused by hormone imbalances, as well as poor nutrition.

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There are natural remedies that should be an important consideration when you have bilateral ovarian cysts.

Remember that if women are unhappy with the diagnosis or the proposed method of treatment for the removing any kind ovarian cysts, they should get a second opinion. A hysterectomy and removing the ovaries is often the proposed surgical treatment. In most cases, this approach is completely unnecessary.

Surgically removing bilateral ovarian cysts or any cyst is many times unnecessary. Infection and blood clots may result. Surgically removing these cysts will not necessarily prevent new cysts from forming.

Women struggling with ovarian cysts may find relief with proven and reliable natural techniques and methods to help alleviate the symptoms and prevent cysts from reforming.

If you have bilateral ovarian cysts you will definitely need to get your hormones in balance to stop this from happening again. Herbs and nutrition will help to accomplish this. Vitamin C will help treat ovarian cystsand other antioxidants will help as well. You will also need to help your liver to work properly by using natural methods to enable excess hormones to be excreted. A healthy lifestyle and using proven and natural methods will help you get rid of bilateral cysts and prevent them from returning.

You can apply natural techniques in your home to reduce swelling, pain, and stop bilateral ovarian cysts from reoccurring. Some of the natural techniques will help in balancing hormones, strengthening your reproductive system, promoting and increased physical activity and using breathing techniques to promote better health.

These methods and techniques will:

Rid Your Body of Bilateral Ovarian Cysts
Prevent Cysts from Forming Again
Stop Pain and Swelling

If you suffer from Bilateral Ovarian Cysts you can find relief through natural methods.

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Bilateral Ovarian Cyst

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